Historic Town Pound

by Ron Ash

The historic Glocester Town Pound is a fairly well preserved colonial animal pound in northern Rhode Island. The stone pound was built by Andrew Brown (Chad Brown’s Great-Grandson) in 1748 to confine stray farm animals. It is said to be the oldest surviving pound in the U.S.A. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, this dry wall stone structure was an exploit of colonial engineering.

The Browns initiated a pound system which rescued stray animals, cared for them and charged the animal’s owners a pound keepers fee for holding them. Andrew Brown (1706 to 1783), moving to Glocester in 1730 took on the unofficial role of Glocester’s first Animal Control Officer. The historic town pound can still be seen at Pound Road and Chopmist Hill Road. Brown, his wife Mary and his six children lived about seven hundred yards from the site. Today their property is the home of Mulberry Vineyards.

If you decide to make the trip, you may as well make a day of it. “Wine & History” would make for the perfect day of exploring and enjoying history in the great outdoors.

Remember, time is our most precious commodity. Spend it wisely!


Ron Ash aka My RV Guy

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